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Windows XP Startup question. How do you configure the deskstop to appear on startup?

Here's the deal - I have an older 450 mhz desktop running Windows XP home edition. It was set up so that at the end of startup the desktop was the standard XP page with the log-on icons for each of the family members to click on (no passwords enabled). About a week ago some kind of glitch occurred when running multiple programs, the computer locked up, & I had to power off the computer without a regular shutdown to clear it. When I restarted, I now get the Windows log-on script block with Username & password entries required. I can just hit enter to get to my page (again, no password enabled) but this is pissing me off. What's the process/instructions for reconfiguring startup to go back to the old desktop & multiple icons?
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Actually, turn on the 'Use the Welcome Screen' option in 'Change the way users log on or off' in 'User Accounts' in your Control Panel.
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Response by poster: cellhone-- thanks for the pointer. Apparently the problem was related to installation of the driver "MrvGINA.dll" from my NetGear wireless adapter card. Must be some sick NetGear geek joke (notice the driver name) - disabled my Fast User Switching & Welcome Screen options, as discussed here. I followed their advice and deleted the registry key, which allowed me to reset the Users Accounts as you indicated.

Thanks much
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Response by poster: cellphone, that is
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Glad to hear it.
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GINA is actually the name for the Windows log-on authentication module, so it sounds like the netgear program supplants the normal logon process.
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