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What are good environmental blogs?

I'm looking for something with community-generated content, like Daily Kos or Metafilter, but with an environmental focus. I know of some, but I haven't found one that really is what I'm looking for. (Googling "environmental blog" gets me nothing much.) Can there really be nothing like this out there?
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Treehugger isn't a community blog per se, but they DO allow comments! Maybe they have a link to something...
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RealClimate is a great weblog written by a group of active climate scientists. It focuses on scientific investigation and research more than political controversy.

(I'm not sure if this group blog counts as "community-generated," since the front page is limited to a group of expert contributors.)

The Planet Earth category at ScienceBlogs aggregates several individual and group blogs about environmental science.
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I know of some

what are they?
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sulaine, ones already posted -- RealClimate, Treehugger.

Also, Gristmill, but that seems to have designated writers -- that you can't sign up. I'm not sure.
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greenr is decent and has some links to other blogs who's goodness i cannot speak of, even if i only found it looking up the name as a joke one day.
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Sustainable Style Foundation (being green while looking good)
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I'm not sure if WorldChanging really counts, since the focus is more on sustainable tech and other subjects of interest to tech-saavy people interested in the environment than outright environmental issues, but you may enjoy it. I do, albeit guiltily. :p
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greenr is a pet project of mine, and has been suffering in quality lately. I've been busy with freelancing and some other issues, but have started to pay it some attention again.

For some good hardcore science sites, I'd definitely recommend Climate Science as well as Climate Audit.

Please also take a look at greenr, and do let me know what you would like to see covered / improved.

As far as good communitry driven sites, afraid there's really not much out there. Maybe that's where greenr can improve. :)
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So, I clicked through most of the blogroll on Gristmill, and I still didn't find any community websites. All the content seems controlled by either some big environmental group (NRDC), a group of selected writers, or a single person. The most Web 2.0 site I found is one where people could post images of national forest lands that were going to be sold off, but it hasn't been updated since May and most of its links are saying "500 - Internal Server Error."

If there's nothing like this, is there a particular reason? Some history behind it?

P.S. zanzaban, I like the design.
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hugg.com from the treehugger folks.
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