My Mac won't shut up...even when I tell it to.
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Why does my new Mac still make noises when I turn the sound all the way down?

I've just bought a shiny new Macbook. This is my first Mac after years of Windows machines, and this problem is driving me nuts. When I open videos on Youtube or any other embedded video, the volume just seems to override whatever volume I've set the system for.
I usually keep the sound turned all the way down at night. Click on a video link and sound is blaring out of the speakers at max volume until I adjust the sound back down again. What the?

This is with Firefox
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Could it be something wonky with the OS? Have you updated? (Mind you, I have a new MacBook, and haven't had this problem in the last few months, same browser.)

What about updating your Flash?
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In the sound control panel you have Alert Volume and Output Volume, are both of these turned down? Also, do you have this hooked up to external speakers or a usb or firewire audio-out box?
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Are you sure you're controlling the output of the right sound output device? In System Preferences -> Sound -> Output, you can select a particular device and then change only that device's volume.

SoundSource is a little application that lives on the menu bar and allows you to do the same thing.
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You could use my Ultimate Silencer Solution for laptops: rip off the plug of a broken headphone/micro/whatever and plug it in the laptop to disable sound :) unless it makes sounds even when headphones are plugged?
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