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Looking for ways to better manage history through Technorati tags, so of course there's

First thing to know: I'm working behind the Great Firewall of China. Technorati is blocked but I have limited accessibility through a proxy server. I cannot log into my account.

Second, Blogger uses no tagging support, so... yeah. I've been adding tags into all of my archives all night. Every post begins with a "Treyopia" so I can search "Treyopia stories" in Technorati tags and have the right material - my short stories - pop up. It works on the Technorati side.

Maybe I'm over my head, but it seems I could draw up the same scripts and data [titles, post numbers, even the first few words...] and do something corny like a tag cloud or something a little more sophisticated.

The overarching goal is to redesign and make the site feel less bloggy where older posts are as easy to pull up as newer posts... so everything comes across as content, not just updates. It's a structural bias in the blog format.

I could manually do what I want, but I guess I thought the beauty of the new Web 2.0 architecture is that you 'fire and forget it' with posts.
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Blogger is adding tag support, just so you know. So perhaps it might be easier to wait... or else you can try using the less-than-stable beta platform.
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Also, Technorati Tags on Posts from the Blogger Hacks wiki. A lot of different streamlined methods for adding tags.
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