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Not to be derivative or anything, but my wife and I are in a similar situation as limitedpie, except that we're having a boy and don't agree on names. Any suggestions?
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As a tifosi, I just have to say Enzo
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(i'm spent--that's all the brady men plus one)
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actually, I really like the old man names that are back: Sam, Oscar, Max...
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Umm...what are you trying to go for? Masculine? Unique? Exotic? Memorable? Aesthetic? Obscure?
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Masculine, with a touch of originality. Our last name is Lilly, so we need a strong name to go with it.
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Since (obviously!) we just found out we are having a girl, I will offer you up our boys list, which (we hope) we still might get to use in the future! Our first choice (and the shoe-in-- we were much more settled on boys names than girls) was Cassius, pronounced "Cash-us". Our 2nd choice was an Inuit name (the name of the protagonist in the wonderful film "Map of the Human Heart," which my husband and I saw on our first date): Avik (pronounced "aa, as in 'apple" and vik as in Victor.) Our 3rd choice was Hayden, sort of conventional (and becoming more popular) but we liked it. And if, in theory, the boy were to pop out and have a simple raw and strong sensibility about him, we were toying with Axel... only and sadly reduced by the (waning, but alas nevertheless known) popularity of a certain mega-rock-star of a decade ago.... All the best and congrats to you pizzasub!
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limitedpie, just FYI, but our daughter's name is Grace, so I'm sort of partial to that :)

Best of luck to you too. To sleepless nights!
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I ever have a boy he'll be Howlin' as first name and maybe Buddha as second. I also like Thelonious and Theopolis as first names.

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quonsar, quonsar, QUONSAR!!!!!!!! or you could just settle with Moonpie.
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... seriously. I love all of those names.
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an -er name sounds good with Lilly--Alexander, Oliver, Roger....
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Keegan (ah, but I am partial to that one!)
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oflinkey's suggestions are great if you want the kid to blow up a London bus or starve himself to death, but I think that more traditional names for boys are best. Think "Robert," "Edward," or "George."
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I second MsVader's Harrison, and will throw in Jackson.
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If I had a son, I'd name him Gomez
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Mayor Curley- Stereotypical, ignorant, racist. I expected more out of someone like you. And all of those names are traditional. Just not in your tradition.
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"Our last name is Lilly, so we need a strong name to go with it."


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oflinkey-- I'm so, so sorry! I meant it as a joke, but obviously it shouldn't be taken as such because those are ugly sentiments.

In my head, I show enough respect for the Irish culture that built my favorite city that no one would take me as malicious. But I forget that people don't "know" me here. Again, I'm sorry!

(James Michael Curley is a hero of mine! I want to go hide somewhere!)
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A friend of mine had a son a couple of years back, and they wound up naming him Alexander, middle name Luthor. They just call him "Lex". They're about to have another kid - we're hoping it's a girl, and we're hoping that they name her Lois.
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Or, you could always just go with a classic, and name him "Sue".
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A line of thought in names is that the first and last names should have a different amount of syllables. With that in mind and with the last name of Lilly, go with a one or three (or more!) syllable first name. And, unless you want the kid to be beat up at school, avoid rhyming names. Billy Lilly? Not good (sorry, mr_crash_davis).
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(the other names I like are too soft for your last name: Eliot, Guthrie.)
My husband asked for boy names a couple of years ago on his blog. Here are the results. Congratulations--have fun!
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My husband and I are having a boy, and we've settled on Nathaniel. We also considered:

Gabriel (we didn't like the nickname Gabe)
Malachi (it sounded like a televangelist to me)
Fox (which I like the sound of, but the X-Files association is too goofy)
Oliver (these three we ended up just not being enthused about)
Jasper (sounded too much like a dog's name to us)
and Josiah (my great-grandfather's name, but we didn't like the sound of it with our last name).
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My lit-geek suggestion here. I'm also a big fan of Joseph (though at the moment it has rather heartbreaking connotations), Nicholas (my younger nephew -- named at my suggestion!), Thomas (my elder nephew), William/Liam, Seth, and -- everyone snorts when I say this, but I'm serious -- Ezekiel. His nickname would be Zeke! How cool is that?

And by the way -- congratulations, you crazy kids!
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Oh, and I second Shoeburyness's suggestion of Josiah , too.
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Mayor Curly- I am sorry I reacted so off the cuff. I just posted something in grumblebee's MeTa thread about this, too...
I am just sensitive about those names as they are , in order: not Irish but from a favorite book, a character from a story told to me as a young'un, a great name from my Irish dancing days, my brother, a beloved childhood friend, and my last name.
Sorry again. Threadjack over.

Pizzasub- Xavier, Hugh, Francis, Vincent, and my husband's favorite, Mohandas.
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scody- I love Zeke!
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"Ron Jeremy". Or possibly "Rod" - you don't get much more masculine that that... :-|
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Vladimir. I'm calling MY son Vladimir.
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Valentine...Val is a wicked good nickname and Val Lilly kinda flows off the tongue.
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I'm naming my son Alaric, after the Visigoth king who sacked Rome in the 5th century. Or perhaps Charles Magnus (Charlemagne).
Names don't get more assertive than that. Also keep in mind the power of cool middle names. Why just be Peter, when you can be Peter Abelard?
William -> William Tecumseh
James -> James Tiberius

For the quiet bookish types:


and who could forget:

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william or daniel. i love the informal use of these names: billy and danny. james for the middle name.
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My staunch top five, that refuse to change, despite some having a recent annoying surge in popularity:

Lukas (this is the german spelling meaning "light")
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Henry, and then call him Hank. Henry Oliver Lilly, Henry (wife's maiden name) Lilly, etc. Hank Lilly. I just like it.
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Atticus has been my favorite forever, even before I read 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. Neal and Chase are also nice.
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