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Can anyone identify the designer of the sunglasses Noel Gallagher is wearing in this photo? As he is Noel Gallagher (and therefore richer than shit) I'm sure they're very expensive, so any recommendations for knock-offs and where to buy said knock-offs would be appreciated as well. Thanks!
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It looks like there is a logo on the front of the glasses. If you can find that specific brand of sunglasses that places their logo on the nose-piece I think you can narrow it down. Maybe you could browse here

This style has a similar shape:

Good luck.
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You're right, it definitely looks like there's something on the bridge... If I can dig up my copy of the magazine (a year-old issue of Q that's buried somewhere in my apartment) I'll be able to look more closely. Unfortunately, if there IS a label or something on the bridge, I've immediately lost interest in getting a pair, but whatever.

Thanks as well for introducing me to Zappos's sunglasses selection, as well. I've bought more than a few pairs of shoes there, and somehow never noticed this sizable section of their site.
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These Oakley SPIKE sunglasses (1,2) in matte black/grey also look similar.
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