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Today I went out for some fast food and paid with my credit card (Visa). Later, I realized that the cashier didn't have me sign the reciept or anything. So, I'm wondering what will happen with the bill since it didnt get signed. Will it still be processed as usual?
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At local diners I don't need to sign for bills under $10 or $15. I'm not sure if this is a national or local thing.
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Many merchants no longer require a signature for small purchases. This seems to be especially true for restaurants.

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At CVS, the new rule is no signatures for under $50.
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I've used my VISA debit card at McDonalds and Wendys and they've never asked for me to enter a PIN number or sign a receipt and they've always been processed.
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Yeah, many places now only require the signature for purchases of X amount or less. Where X amount turns out to be on they decide upon. Starbucks is the main one I can think of now that does this.
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My wife, who is sitting across from me as I write this, was once a waitress, and she tells me that in these instances, the transaction is run like any other. Apparently they are able to enter "signature on file" into the credit card doohickey.
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As others have said, a lot of places don't require a signature anymore for small pirchases. Panera Bread and CVS are two that come to mind. Given that most cashiers don't even look at the signature, and that orders over the phone don't require a signature, I'm surprised that this didn't start happening sooner.
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No. Small orders do not require signatures. Starbucks would be fucked otherwise. At least down south, where we are addicted to drive thru. (yes, thru)
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Same thing at Whole Foods in NYC. If I just buy lunch, no signature. If it is a weeks worth of groceries for the family ($150), I do have to sign. Until I figured it out, it simply added to the checkout confusion.
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Starbucks would be fucked otherwise.

Canadian Starbucks stores do require you to sign. So does Shoppers Drug Mart (about as close to CVS as you can get in Canada), even for $7 purchases. But since Starbucks Canada is technically different, they get to make their own call.
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X can also vary by location. There's a Kroger's in a suburb here where it's like $25 or $50 ... but at ones closer to the city, X = $0.
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technically a different company
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I'm guessing that the signature's purpose is manly to protect them from chargebacks on the transaction, therefore, if the transaction is small, or you're a regular customer, the business may see the risk&cost of chargeback as too small to justify tying up staff to get the signature. (Obviously, online retailers operate quite large transactions without signatures)

Subway restaurants in my area will require a signature, but once you're a regular that the people working there recognise, they'll let it go.
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mainly = mainly
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Visa does not require signatures for purchases of $25 or less, as I discovered last summer when I worked at a Quiznos. Imagine my surprise when the receipt printer didn't even leave a signature line on the receipts for Visa purchases of less than that much.
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Signatures are inspected only on chargeback so it doesn't matter unless you contest the charge. As others have said, the net cost of getting a signature from everyone is greater than the chargebacks they eat from the 1% or whatever stolen cards are used to buy coffee.

See also the Credit Card Prank.
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Companies have been doing this for at least 2 years that I am aware of. I have experienced this everywhere from pharmacies (drive thru and inside), restaurants (mostly fast food, although sit-down places I frequent only require the signature the first time I use that particular credit card there), and even gas stations. Whenever asked, the employees all state that "for purchases under $xx.xx, we do not require signatures."

I do not know if it varies by type of purchase or if they have had your signature on file from a previous purchase changes the amount, but this is definitely common practice now.

I tried Googling it, but I am not sure what exact phrase would be needed to get a valid result from either a credit card company or valid industry analyst.
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I believe that at Pathmark, you don't need to sign for grocery purchases under $50.
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at the Bowling Green Chipotle in Manhattan, I've never had to sign. It's amazing. They swipe your card and the receipt comes out instantaneously. That place is a machine.
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