Ideas for Remodeling with Salvage Materials?
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Is there a blog for doing home improvements and renovations with salvaged and unusual materials? Sort of a cross between This Old House and Inhabitat, with a scavenger bent?
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Many of our members use salvaged materials, some use unusual materials. So (sorry for the self link), you could search or post specific questions in the forum there. We have over 300+ member houseblogs.
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To clarify...

I should point out that most of the salvaged materials our members use are either old house parts from other houses, or reclaimed wood/building materials. Others rebuild salvaged appliances, light fixtures or furniture.

I don't really know how many people are pushing the boundaries to the limits, though one of our members just returned from working in Ethiopia and is now converting a defunct missle silo into a home. Another is renovating a stone windmill in the Netherlands. Those two projects don't post as much as The Devil Queen or Petch House, two housebloggers who salvage quite a bit, though the materials they use are very traditional. Other frequent salvagers include Slaves to the Vintage House, Salvaged Beauty, and Foxcroft.
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Response by poster: Fantastic, Jeanmari, exactly the kind of thing I am looking for!
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Response by poster: (And BTW, you should post to projects.)
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I just got my dear spouse to sign up with Mefi and post it. Thanks LarryC!
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