Gift ideas for great coworkers
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Suggestions for a gift for coworkers - Yesterday I broke my toe playing volleyball at a company retreat. I appreciated the support from two employees (coworker who cleaned it up, and taped it up, and one who took me to the ER, waited for me, gave me a good dinner, and offered to drive me home because I have a standard). I would like to give each of them a gift as a thank you. Suggestions?
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Response by poster: "I have a standard" = I drive a car with a manual transmission, which is hard to operate the clutch when you have a broken toe on your left foot.
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Do you like these people as friends? Then take them out to dinner and laugh about the whole thing, and be merry and whatnot. Can't stand spending time with them outside of work? Get them spa gift certificates, so they can be taken care of as they did for you.
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Response by poster: They are both good people, one is a direct coworker (we are about level on the org chart) and work together alot, so we frequently goto meals. The other individual is at another site (about an hour away), and our interactions are usually kept to technical issues.

Spa certificates are a good idea, if I can find any spa around here :~).
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Buy them AAA for a year. "A tow for a toe."
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Are they guys or girls? That might affect the gift choices... Spa certificate is probably a much better idea for a girl.

For a guy, maybe a 6 pack of some really cool exotic beer or something...
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Further to twiggy's suggestion, I'd recommend Innis & Gunn. Dear God, that is some incredible beer.

I like the AAA thing better, but then I have a weakness for puns.
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I am in the same boat -- I have a broken ankle, and one of my coworkers lent me a wheelchair, two walkers, and a cane, all of which have been a godsend. I'm giving her a Barnes and Noble gift certificate and a nice houseplant (just because gift certificates by themselves don't feel quite right to me).
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you can buy dinner gift certificates at most expensive restaurants. Give each of them a dinner-for-two certificate (so they can take their significant others, or just go together with friends).
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I am all about Malor's suggestion. Best answer ever.

That said, if you don't like these ideas, I've always been impressed with Red Envelope's products. Plus, they're having a sale (woo!). I think anything you find on their site will work well for you.
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