Freeware/Open Source Help Desk Software.
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Freeware/Open Source help desk support ticket type of software?

I am the support division of our very small company and I would like to utilize some sort of help desk type of software. I won't have our customers starting new tickets or anything like that. It would be me opening new tickets, entering text, and then closing the tickets myself. I would need it to be searchable, but I wouldn't need it to support different languages or have chat or email or profiles or anything fancy like that.
Does anything like that exist? I have already peeped this previous AskMe question and it doesn't apply because all of the suggestions are for fancy-pants crap.
I guess I should provide some background. Maybe that will help with suggestions. 99% of our support issues are mind-numbingly easy, so it's all in my head. However, I do get calls/emails from customers with really weird problems that are sometimes our fault and sometimes not. Currently, I just save those email threads in case I run into a new customer with the same weird problem, but over the years, those emails have added up and are hard to sort through. This is why I would like to utilize a help desk system. Besides, something may happen (knock on wood) and I won't be around to do the job anymore. It would be nice to have my replacement to have access to all of this information. Dig?
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Some more options.
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what we use at work: glpi
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bugzilla is cool
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We use Request Tracker, which can be a little complex to setup, but works well.
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I evaluated a few systems a couple of months ago, and we ended up with OTRS. I can't speak to using it as a solution database, although it does have plenty of search capabilities, but it makes a very nice ticketing system. Some of my favorite features are the ability to receive e-mails and send canned replies right from within the system, an "auto-close if no action" function, and the POP3 checker for e-mail. Worth a look.
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I set up a system using Zentrack and it's pretty useful!
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Seconding Bugzilla. No matter how you use it, it seems to work well.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them out. And smackfu, thanks for pointing out that previous question.
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OTRS. PerlDesk. OSticket. Kayako eSupport (not free, but cheap and easy to get running & use)

I've gone down this road before. The problem with a lot of these help desk solutions is that they can often be WAY too complicated for a small organization.

I tried Request Tracker but it was an absolute pain in the ass to get set up and in the end, was total overkill. OSticket took about 5 minutes to set up and even in beta (few years ago) it worked just fine.

Give them all a shot. They're free!
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Can you guys who use Bugzilla for a help desk/support tracking system pass me some of the drugs you guys do? :P

Bugzilla is great for developers and for tracking bugs. Its user interface is crap for users. Users want to be able to interact with the system in ways like RT and OTRS support. Leave Bugzilla for coders wanting to track bugs. Your users will thank you.
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I think you need to re-read my question, jeversol. The only person using this system is me and whomever covers my duties while I'm on vacation. That's it, nobody else in this world.
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I got RT running in 2 or 3 hours, and liked it a lot.

Bugzilla et al tend to run to software development; RT, OTRS, et al, tend to run to support tickets.

And while other people were *supposed* to use it, no one ever did. I still liked it.
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