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OK - I give up. How do I move IE7's home button, etc. to the left of the tabs?

Also, I want the refresh button and the stop button at the top left.

And really, I don't want the buttons on the same row as the tabs. Eck, eck, ...

I don't quite know why the layout of IE7 drives me nuts, but I find this layout almost unusable. Am I stuck with it?

(And I'm not looking for browser replacement suggestions - I only use IE7 when I have to)

(And I've searched for solutions, but perhaps not in all the right places)
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I'm not sure that anything can be done about the refresh and stop buttons, but if the other tool buttons bother you, then one option would be to right click on the icons and select "Classic Menu," which brings back IE's usual text-based menu. Then you can get rid of the icons by right-clicking on them, choosing "Customize" and removing them all.
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