English books needed in Bhutan.
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How can my wife and I arrange for some graded readers for students of English to be sent to a junior high school in central Bhutan?

Is there a charity through which we could purchase ESL reading materials at reduced cost and have them sent? We live in northern Thailand and traveled to Bhutan a couple of years ago. While there, we visited this school and have been corresponding with teachers and students alike since then. They have asked us how they might obtain some of the English classic novels specially edited for students with anything from 1 to 4 years language study behind them. Ordering on line is always an option but is very expensive. The money might be better spent through a different approach. Any suggestions would be very sincerely appreciated.
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I would try BookAid first. You could also try contacting the International Committee of the Red Cross (the India delegation covers Bhutan). I know there are a lot of book charities out there. I will keep looking.
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Send email to me (check profile). My oldest brother was involved with Bhutan for Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom. I'm sure he'd have some ideas and I would gladly forward on your note.
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Many thanks for the suggestions, Matt. Plinth, I'll be in touch.
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