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MacBook doesn't seem to want to burn any CD-Rs. I'm trying to back up my data for the first time, but as soon as burning starts I get an error message: "Burning the disc failed because an unexpected error occurred. (Error code 0x80020000)" It doesn't seem to be one particular disc, and I've never had a problem like this before on any other mac. Any advice?
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How are you backing up your data? Are the files currently open?
posted by k8t at 4:54 PM on August 15, 2006

I'm using a "smart folder" to gather all recently modified documents. I tried closing down all the apps, and it still happens.
posted by roofus at 5:20 PM on August 15, 2006

I have had errors with crappy discs. Had a stack of Office Depot-branded discs and only about every third one would burn properly. I got some good discs and the errors went away.
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Try slowing down the burn speed.
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hey alright! did you get a refurb black one by any chance?

this is what was wrong with mine. it took me a couple of days between the genius bar and the applecare phone people, but i convinced them that it was bad hardware (and it is...) and i got a new macbook...
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btw: this happened with 3 different brands of media, including taiyo yuden, which produce pristine burns in my other burners.
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One of two things. Either the drive is bad or the media is bad.

Just burn one file and possibly make a coaster.

If every disk is bad, it's the drive.
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Try making a CD form iTunes or something to rule out the app. If that fails, it is probably the drive.
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* Try different media.
* Take it to a Genius Bar. Apple is interested in hardware failures with the MacBook units.
* Often you'll hear the "reformat & reinstall to rule out software" suggestion. Since you have a MacBook, and the drives are easy to swap out, don't do this. Let the Genius Bar folks swap a blank drive into the unit. This is what I do with the MacBooks we have at work.

Oh, and let us know what happens.
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Did you perhaps upgrade tiger recently?

I had a very similar problem with a powerbook g4 after an upgrade. Everyone said it was cheap media, but it wasn't.

I solved the problem by cleaning up a lot using cocktail and a few other programs. Do a search for the best, most thorough way to clean an intel mac running tiger and follow it.
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My old PowerBook G4 will ONLY burn Verbatim disks. It's very picky. Before you give up in despair, try that. I went through 4 other kinds before I learned my lesson.
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Update: It was the media. I picked up some different yet equally cheap CD-Rs and they burn fine. Thanks for the help!
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Google the error message. You'll get good message board advice from Mac sites.
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try some DVDs too, just to make sure.
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