MP3 to Nextel i730? How?
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How can I take a mp3 and load it as a ringtone on my Nextel Motorola i730? It's a lousy question, I know, but I just can't find the answer on either or with Google.
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Did you look at yesterday's questions?
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Response by poster: Yes, that was for a Samsung phone. This phone is very different, but thanks k8t.
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Would Mobile17 work?
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Best answer: Nextel makes it hard to do that on their phones. Come to think of it, Nextel makes it hard to do anything, especially cancel. I used to load ringers on that exact phone. It's been a year or two though, so the technique may have changed. You need a data cable and a program to load the ringers, which need to be in the correct format(bit rate and wav). I used a program called webjal. Check out for all phone info or for the nextel niche. You'll need to search a lot to figure it out. The i730 is a Falcon series IDEN phone, this will help your search. Good luck.
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Best answer: You need WebJAL.

That's all I'm going to say. :-)

I've done it; it works.

[ On reading more closely; what phox said. ]
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Response by poster: Holy Hampsters! Know wonder I couldn't figure this out. Thanks for the WebJAL idea, that was the springboard I was looking for. Who knew I'd have to install a web server just to get a ringtone. I guess this is why Nextel never dominated the market.
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Kinda but not quite: Nextel's goal *was to make themselves money*.

If you can load ringtones onto your handset yourself, you won't pay them $3.99 for a 12 second snippet of a sing you'd pay iTunes $.99 for all of...
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