Corporate Pandemic Planning
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Corporate Pandemic Flu Planning: I'm looking for model corporate planning guides that our company can learn and borrow from. The best I've found so far is this 3M Corporate Planning Guide -- and want more of the same. I'm not looking for general information (like CDC Checklists or HHS Plans). I want something produced by a corporation to meet business continuation planning needs. So either something like this 3M plan, or some type of template like it. My email address is in my profile, if that's helpful.
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You might try this site, a real working response to the planning guide put out by Homeland Security. This was written up in Boing Boing at the beginning of August.
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I've done a fair amount of research on this for some clients and would be happy to share some resources with you, but am travelling and don't have that information with me. If you can wait till next week, email me at jzissman at gmail.

You've probably seen that has a business planning section. The Canadian government also has some good info and there are some very good templates out there for both operations planning and communications plans. You can also look at more general disaster recovery plans and adapt those.
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Response by poster: ptm - thanks, that site came up in my initial Google search, and I'll look at it again.

judith - thanks for your generosity! I'll send you an email next week.
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There's some interesting stuff in this thread.
posted by dersins at 2:57 PM on August 15, 2006, and especially its Forum are a good place to poke around. The forum is geared mainly towards individual civilian planning, but there is a sizeable local-level (and sometimes state-level) government and HCW presence there, too.

The Current Events Flu Boards also have a strong HCW presence, as well as some risk assessors who put actually together government and business continuity plans for a living, and who know lots about pandemic flu. Things are a bit quiet there these days, but definitely use the search function on that site, because they have had spirited and informative discussions about household and business continuity during a pandemic for at least the last two years.
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(HCW = health care worker, i.e. doctor, nurse, respiratory therapist, epidemiologist, etc.)
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