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Please be my virtual boyfriend and help me get my TV remote control working properly.

It's a universal remote that looks just like this one. I generally don't have any problems with it but this one: I can't get the TV to switch into DVD mode. Once I press the "DVD" button the DVD player turns on and off and responds to commands from the remote and the TV ceases to respond to any commands, but the asinine TV program on channel three just keeps playing. I've had this problem before, and after madly hitting the buttons in frustration and at random I did get it working, but I have no idea what I did that worked. I've tried programming in all the codes supplied in the manual for my DVD player without any improvement. Please help.
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I once had an RCA TV that used channels 00 and 01 for its composite and S-video inputs (one of which your DVD player is plugged into, in your situation). Try that.
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Best answer: There's no such thing as "Dvd Mode" for televisions (typically).

You need to put your tv into the correct input mode based on your dvd player.

Pressing the dvd button on your remote tells the remote to boss around the dvd player, not to do anything to the tv.

So you need to press the tv button to make the remote boss around the tv and either:

1. Find a button that allows you to cycle through your input modes for the tv. Your universal remote might not have this
2. Use the tv remote to swap the input modes until you see a dvd picture
3. Use the front panel of the tv to cycle through inputs.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Lord_Pall! Got it working with number 2.
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