The Last V8?
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In the late 70s or early 80s, I watched a movie, probably on network television, which was called something like, "The Last V8" or "The Last of the V8s". Help me find it!

The premise of the movie was that all of the oil had run out, and cars were illegal. A Real American™ had entombed his V8, in pieces, under the floor of his garage.

Some prompting causes him to want to re-build the vehicle, and drive cross-country, using the dregs of gasoline pumped from the bottom of abandoned gas station tanks.

The movie is a grand chase.

One memorable scene involved a decrepit Coca-Cola truck being hauled across the road to block his way, and the Coke (still carbonated, natch) fizzing all over the highway when the blockade was breached.

This movie had nothing to do with the vehicle in the Mad Max movies, as far as I can remember. There appears to be a C=64 game that may have been related to the movie, but I can't verify that.

I've combed Google and IMDB, but not found this movie. Can ask.mefi find more information on this movie? Can ask.mefi tell me where to get a copy of it?
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Best answer: Tomierna, is this it?

My Googling skills cannot be beat!
posted by Bugbread at 12:01 PM on August 12, 2006

there was a crappy and impossible-to-play video game for Commodore 64 called "The Last V8."
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bugbread, that's what I thought of, too.
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Response by poster: Bugbread, that looks very promising. Where do I get a copy to verify, though? (Netflix doesn't have it, sadly...)
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Best answer: Ah, looks like I can get a VHS copy via eBay, and even a DVD, if I want to get it from Great Britain!
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The C64 game wasn't crappy, as I remember, but it was very hard. The music was awesome.
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V8... RETURN TO BASE... IMMEDIATELY!. Awesome music and speech on that old C64 game, but I remember the game itself just being impossibly hard.

It wouldn't surprise me if the title was lifted from a movie, given that era of videogaming having a somewhat casual approach to intellectual property :)
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