A French Metafilter?
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Can you recommend any French-language websites? Specifically, what's the nearest thing to a French Metafilter?

What about a French slashdot/digg? Failing those, what about technology/culture magazines like Wired or Salon? What French-language websites are influential in France, Canada or elsewhere? [I'm aware of the mainstream media's internet presence, not really interested in that here.]
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Are any of these of interest?
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Est-ce que vous avez vu Madame martin?: Madame Martin est un blog collectif à la aeiou, metafilter, monkeyfilter et d'autres mais en français et tout le monde est invité!

It isn't nearly as busy as Metafilter, but that could also be a good thing.
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How about this one?
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That may interest you : I go through there sometimes. Light blue coded entries are about technology and/or science. (whatzit, merci de m'avoir présenté Madame martin.)
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A blog about blogging, in French.
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As whatzit implies in his quote, there's also aeiou.
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If computers, gadgets and generally nerdy stuff are among your centers of interest (as is my case), I cannot but recommend www.cafzone.net. There is plenty to like there, and the "Trucs en vrac" section is a pretty good place for advice-seeking posts à la Metafilter.

P.S. Sorry, first post - will learn how to create hyperlinks later, promise.
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