Moderately priced, new furniture in NYC?
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Where are the best places to buy moderately priced (and new) furniture in New York besides Ikea?

I will be moving in a few weeks to a new apartment. Now, I've spent the past few years in roommate situations and lack a sofa and living room set of my own. It's shopping time. This topic has been broached before, but I'd like to avoid used furniture. It works like a charm in most cities, but in NYC you run too much of a risk of unexpected visitors.

Ditto for Ikea. Noone likes furniture that breaks down after two years, despite the limited hipster cachet.

I'm aware of a bazillon indie furniture stores around the five boroughs and N. Jersey, but don't have time to drive around and explore, unfortunately. I wish I did - but I don't.

So, good NY users of AskMeFi, I ask you. Where can I find a quality, no-nonsense furniture store that won't break the bank? Extra points for mom and pop stores that are cool with haggling. I like haggling. And let's avoid the tacky Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge Natuzzi school of thought - I grew out of my guido phase at the age of 10.

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Locally, the Gothic Cabinet mini-chain ain't so bad. They have some treated woods, but much of it is DIY stainable. For good-quality wood furniture, though, don't dismiss going the web route to some of the (better) outlets in and around High Point, NC (wood furniture capital of the wooooooorld!). I've heard of problems with some of the shadier places, but my wife and I got a dining-room table and chairs from Furniture Home Store that couldn't have turned out better. Free shipping and no gold plating? Yes, please.
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West Elm, online and in Chelsea and DUMBO, is responsible for most of the loft furnishings in the tri-state (joking, but barely so). Their stuff is relatively affordable, but still of good quality, and very nicely designed.
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I get the feeling you haven't moved in yet? I mean, you're talking about a "sofa and living room set." Unless you have an offer from a corporate law firm or hedge hedge fund, you aren't likely to have much a "living room" to worry about in your first apartment.

Try not to be hasty. All you really need to start out with is something comfortable to sleep on. Don't you know that (single) New Yorkers do nothing else in their apartments? Finding furniture that fits your budget, space, and style takes time (no matter how good a haggler you are).

Don't write off used furniture; there's plenty of pieces without upholstery you'll need! Housing Works, Angel Street, and craigslist are your friends. Think of this as a fun project for the first six months, or just do it in one $1500 day at Ikea. Because if you rush it, you're going to be throwing the oopsies out in two years anyway.
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Sorry, I assumed you're moving to NYC from elsewhere and rereading your question it looks like that might not be the case. Still, I'd say to take it slow with these purchases and consider used things that couldn't possibly have bedbugs.
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West Elm has a coupon for 20% off for first-time customers through the end of August.
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Previously, and still useful, although the ABC Warehouse in Dumbo is gone, and Xiaoping is closing very very soon...they're having an 'everything must go' sale right now. We ended up buying the dining table at Door Store.
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Room and Board has a SoHo store.
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DWR Annex
Overstocks in perfect condition are 10% off
Minor damage 20% off
Deep surface dings 40% off
Structural damage 60% off

Second LDL_person - there are amazing bargains (including the shipping & insurance costs) to be had in Hickory and High Point.

Check out The Furniture Factory Outlet Guide, 2006 Edition.

I have shopped in person in High Point and ordered furniture from businesses recommended in the guide.
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This is probably worth checking out, if you're able:

ABC Carpet & Home Outlet Sale
Aug. 17-27. Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sun., 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
1055 Bronx River Ave., near Watson Ave., Bronx (718-842-8772).
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