Help Me Find a Dali Print
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I am having a difficult time locating a print -- inexpensive or otherwise -- of a particular Salvador Dali painting entitled "Portrait of Gala with Two Lamb Chops Balanced on Her Shoulder", which is a particular favorite of mine. I've probably put in a good three or four hours of Googling, and waded through page after page of online poster and art print stores, including the all to no avail. The image I linked to is the largest and highest quality image I can locate, and it's still too small to run off the Fiery at work or bring in to a service bureau to print, so that's out. How can I get my paws on a decent poster or print of this thing or at least a fair sized photograph of it? I know essentially nothing about buying art (or posters of art). I just want to put it on my wall!

Err, I mean: "...including the Dali Museum's to no avail...."
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Email these folks-- they probably have a giftshop where you can buy it, altho it's not on the site.
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oop--here's the store page
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Thanks! I've done so but I hold fairly little hope for it, and I'm hesitant to follow up my message with an expensive international phone call potentially to someone speaking only languages I don't comprehend.
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If you want print rather than poster size, you could try the local public library for art books, and if you find a large print, get it colour laser-copied.
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Can I interest you in a portrait of Gala without the pork chops?
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Ignore that link. I didn't realize the site was so horribly framed. It's in there if you want to go digging, but it's not the one you wanted.
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Well, the original painting is just 3" x 4" so maybe it doesn't bear poster-printing? Then carter's idea is best - find a print in a book at the library and then order a copy of that book.
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Thanks for all the suggestions, folks! It seems like a poster is right out, but with any luck I'll turn up a source image good enough for printing (and perhaps enlargement) or a printed image good enough for cutting out.
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