Where should I ride my bike near Portland, ME?
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Where are some good places to ride my bicycle in the Portland, ME area?

I'm actually in Old Orchard Beach (thanks AskMe), and I'm willing to drive 30 or 40 minutes in any direction for some good riding.

A good ride for me is usually somewhere around 15 - 25 easy miles. Less with hills. I'd like to ride along the water, if possible. Otherwise suggestions for places that are beautiful or notewothly for other reasons would be appreciated. I don't mind riding on the street, but bike path's are always cool too.

Please try to provide maps and as many details as possible as I am not from this area and don't know my way around at all.
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If you don't mind going over the Casco Bay Bridge (which has a bike lane), Route 77 through Cape Elizabeth is a scenic, bike friendly route with some good stops along the way.

And Portland, Maine is a great city - especially this time of year!
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Bikely is a great resource, but only two rides in your area. Still, check them out and add to it.
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My SO and I just finished a 30-mile ride for the American Diabetes foundation that started in Biddeford, went down to Kennebunkport, and back again. The route down to Kennebunkport was fabulous, the route back--not so much.

This route rocks. It even takes you past a bike shop. :)
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I second 77 through Cape Elizabeth. Good roads, a couple of lobster shacks if you get hungry and plenty of beach if you want to kick back a bit.
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I just realized I have a book of 25 loop bicycle tours. I'm in Portland, and could meet you to hand it off. It's got great maps. It was published by Maine Dept of Transportation
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot guys. I ended up doing suki's route, and it was beautiful. CD, I'll check that out next time!
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