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Is there a way to see (for free) the driving record information that car insurance companies use when setting their premiums?
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I worked with a (small rural) 3rd party provider (that sold Progressive, and a couple others), and they had to pay to obtain the driving records. I forget what company provided the reports to them, but it was some large corporation.
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ChoiceTrust has the C.L.U.E. report. Since it is covered under the same laws as a credit bureau report, you get a free copy each year. Details. This is the report that the insurance companies use to find prior claims/accidents.

AFAIK, if they use one of these reports to raise your rate or even to raise a quoted price, they need to tell you and you get a free copy.
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You should be able to get your official driving record for a small fee from your state DOT. I think I got mine once, for a small fee, from my local police station.
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Response by poster: I also don't know what the span of the driving record is - since you got your driving license, since you moved to the current residence state, etc. Or maybe that varies from state to state..
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Rhode Island Driving Records
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That link doesn't make it clear that it costs $18. So it's not free, but since it's the actual DMV site, it's probably as cheap as you're going to find. The others, selling "non-certified copies," look to be about $30.
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If you're currently a Progressive customer, you can see your record on their site. Perhaps other insurers would also be willing to share this info with their customers? You might try asking yours.
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