searching for old buddy list wavs
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Does anyone have these two old AOL/AIM buddy list sign on/off wavs?

Back when I used AOL six years ago, there were these two wavs I used as my buddy list sounds. When someone logged on, a man would say "You've got company" and when someone logged off, the same voice would say "Later!" My dad remembers the sounds and he said I got them off I remember downloading them from an AOL-specific ftp site. I can't find them now, on the old computer, or the web. Anyone have them?
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and it sucks to say that my most used askme tag is "aol" and I am listed as the only user who uses that tag often.
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you could try downloading old AOL versions and seeing if the wav is in there.
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I think they're here.

BuddyIn.wav is the "You've got company" and BuddyOut.wav is "Later."
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Thank you Liosliath! Thank you!
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I used to do customer support for AOL way back in the early 90s [hey, it was for an outsourcer, stop throwing things at me!], so I'm considering this my last AOL call, ha ha. Enjoy!
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