Modern duvet covers?
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Where can I find reasonably-priced modern duvet covers along the lines of this one?

Nyxie (now Mrs. mendel!) and I want to start sleeping British-style -- with a fitted sheet on the mattress and a duvet but no top sheet. But this means we want more than one duvet cover, so we're shopping for another.

Right now we have a great but discontinued Ikea one that is in the same sort of style as Amenity's "Twig", with a stylized brown-and-white "tree" on a similar background. We really prefer this sort of design to a repeating pattern, but $400 for a duvet cover is more than we want to spend.

The bedroom is oak and aluminum with white walls and a lot of right angles so we're pretty much wide open to colors and need some color and curviness in the duvet.

Can anyone recommend reasonably-priced sources of modern duvet covers, or specific covers you think we'd love? I know I've seen stuff on mightygoods and Funfurde and MoCoLoCo but I can't seem to find them now.
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Are you near an Ikea? They have cute duvet covers, and so cheap you can pick up more than one.
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Second IKEA. They have a huge selection, since their whole bedding system is based on interchangeable duvet's and covers. Plus you get matching pillowcases, which is a great idea.
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No, WestElm is far better. It's a poor man's DWR.
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They have similar ones at CB2 and West Elm:

CB2 duvet covers, especially this one.

West Elm duvet covers, especially this one and this one (on sale).
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I bought a couple of really nice, simple duvet covers at Macy*s during a sale, and managed to get them for under $40 each (king size). I would check out your local department stores, as well as stores like Marshall's or TJ Maxx to see if there are duvet covers you like that are marked down.
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sugarfish, smackfu: Other than the one we already own from Ikea, their current offerings are pretty disappointing; with one exception they're pretty much all tiny patterns. (I should have made it more clear why we're not just returning to Ikea in the question, sorry.)

Those West Elm ones are right on track, though! (But don't let that discourage further suggestions.)
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This is modern and, while it isn't exactly repeating, it is small.
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I don't have a specific duvet to link to, but you might want to browse the entries at design*sponge and print & pattern - they feature prints like that quite a bit.
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You could have almost endless choice if you buy two sheets in a pattern you like, sew them up (or have them sewn) on three sides. The fourth side (the bottom), sew up a little on both ends, and sew snaps in the middle. Presto, almost instant duvet at a much more reasonable price.
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In order to have duvet covers that are as soft as sheets, I've always done what jvilter says: make them out of flat sheets. For a queen-sized bed, you need king-sized sheets. You can usually cut off the hemmed end of the flat sheet that's supposed to flop back over the quilt. Or you can keep the "fancy" edge on one of the sheets and make it lap over like an envelope flap. (In this case, the open end of the duvet cover is actually near the pillows, not the feet.) More on eHow and
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Check Garnet Hill as well... we got a beautiful quilt duvet there. Very original designs.
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Habitat is a very modern British shop, but you can usually find some of their stuff on eBay. It is in that style.
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