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Starbucks has a line of bottled frappuccino drinks sold in grocery stores, they also make light frappucinos inside Starbucks locations, but do they bottle and sell light frappuccinos?

My wife swears she has seen them before but we've looked everywhere and called everywhere and searched all over the internet with no luck. She has even gone as far as to call the 800 number and ask Starbucks if they still make them. They claim that the light bottled frappuccinos are still being made and sold and are bottled by pepsi, but an internet search is finding me either recipes or just the regular bottles.

Does anyone know where I can find them for sale? It would specifically be the Mocha Light Frappuccino. Thanks!
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Best answer: This?
posted by staggernation at 8:01 AM on August 8, 2006

Response by poster: Holy shit staggernation I think thats it!!!!

Howd you find it?
posted by skrike at 8:03 AM on August 8, 2006

Response by poster: Ah, I just realized Ive been searching for light frappuccino's not LITE. When I did that I found the dr. soda link you posted. I actually did look in starbucks and they have them labeled as light so I thought the bottles would be the same.

Thanks again!
posted by skrike at 8:06 AM on August 8, 2006

Yeah, I actually thought it might have some clever name instead of "light" so I tried Googling "frappuccino+splenda+bottle"...
posted by staggernation at 8:07 AM on August 8, 2006

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