What's awesome in LA's Koreatown?
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What's awesome in LA's Koreatown?

I just moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco (where I lived in the Mission, where I also grew up). I'm leaving right near Wilshire and Normandie.

Yesterday a friend took me to get Korean pancakes. Oh man, those were the greatest thing ever.

What other wonderful things are there here (or in central LA generally) that I should be sure not to miss?

I'm particularly looking for things nearby, but if you have a general LA suggestion, feel free to drop some science. Food (particulars, particularly), shopping, activities, events, whatever.
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Two of my favorite bars are in Koreatown -- The Bounty and The Prince.
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Two of my favorite Mexican restaraunts are in Koreatown.

L.A.'s oldest Mexican restaurant, El Cholo (1121 S. Western Ave. / Olympic Blvd.) is "[t]he progenitor of a chain, this landmark south of Hollywood has been packing them in since the '20s." [New York Times].

Also, check out Guelaguetza (3337 1/2 W. 8th. St.) for an authentic Oaxacan experience.
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El Cholo is known for its margaritas; Guelaguetza for its mole sauces!
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Cassells has good potato salad and pretty good hamburgers. I love the central library with a deep and abiding passion but I'm not sure if that's just my own weirdness or if it's a feeling other might share.
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El Cholo is also known for its green corn tamales, which are too rich for one person to finish, and are available seasonally.
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Shatto Lanes (map, pictures)
3255 W 4th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020-1619
(213) 385-9475

This is more than just a bowling alley. It's an entertainment wonderland. You've got a whole bunch of lanes (duh), way too many pool tables, FOOSBALL(!!), very many video games, and a bar with cheap drinks. Oh shit, DID I MENTION THE FUCKEN BAR WITH CHEAP DRINKS?!11

The best part about the place (besides, you know, the bar ... with the cheap drinks) is these 1984 LA Olympics-style graphics on the far wall that depict athletes from all the great sports: running, bicycling, figure skating, swimming, oh yeah and bowling.
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Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n' Waffles. I preferred the one at 5006 W Pico Blvd. Say hello to Big Mama for me.
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The Korean American Sport Club on Mariposa is a traditional Korean, all male spa. Its open 24 hours.

My friends and I went last month after the Midnight Ridazz bikeride through Los Angeles. Its relaxing and interesting especially if you've watched way too many asian gangster movies (like me).
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Find a Korean barbeque. Any one.
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I haven't made it out to one yet (though I have checked out the center's small gallery), but this month's free movie screenings at the Korean Cultural Center on Wilshire look interesting.

I too love the central library (including its various lecture series and photo/art galleries) but don't really think of it as being in Koreatown, though I suppose that area's boundaries are not so clear.

on preview: I'll second Shatto Lanes & Roscoe's waffles, anytime.
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oh, sorry, I just saw the bit about "central LA" attractions, more broadly. That does open it up quite a bit.
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You might enjoy the La Brea Tar Pits, the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Natural History Museum and California Science Center.
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Those are more Fairfax district. The Wiltern theater is in Koreatown, as is the structure from the Brown Derby.
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Add to the list of awesome dive bars with large, strong, cheap drinks: Frank N Hank's.
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Get out and explore the neighborhoods beyond you -- LA is amazingly diverse and after a 16-year stint there, I'd say it's way too easy to get trapped in your immediate surroundings...
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But aside from that, the varieties of Korean food and restaurants are amazing there.
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Pollo a la Brasa.

Taylor's Steak House.

Korean Karaoke places (Rosen is one).


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go to natuara day spa, and get the body scrub
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The New Beverly Cinema (on Beverly, just west of La Brea) shows lots of great old movies.
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is Soot Bull Jeep still there? it is pretty awesome
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(it's a barbecue joint)
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3136 W. Eighth St., (213) 387-3865.
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I second Korean BBQ. Grill-it-your-self places are the best. Also try out some of the tofu houses around there. I think there's a chain called BBC or something that's pretty good.

At night, you can go to Brass Monkey, a karaoke bar. It's fun, especially watching the people who take themselves way too seriously sing.
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I'll second the Brass Monkey.

hang around k-town enough and you'll probably see this car.
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Betalevel Events.

2600 at union Station.

Near: The Pantry

A little farther away: Tito's Tacos.
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