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Can anyone recommend a good resource (online or a printed book) that has examples of proposals for web site redesign. I'm not looking for samples of designs, but what you would send a client who gives you a Request for Proposal (RFP).
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Web ReDesign: Workflow That Works (review) by Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler (interview). The companion web site has downloadable documents, including client surveys.
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I've found Site-Seeing by Luke Wroblewski to be refreshingly down to earth. Some content available online via that Amazon link, plus the author's support site.
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I also like Web Redesign, but have since established my own format. Answering an RFP can be anywhere from a loose proposal to a specific Statement of Work. You really want to shoot for the latter (which can feel impossible to do if the RFP is poorly written).

Though I don't have any recommendations offhand for you, you can try some technical writing books that have sections about writing a good Statement of Work. A bit of Googling brought up these book reviews (PDF). I also found a template that can give you an idea of the issues to consider. The bottom line is to always state your assumptions and never take anything for granted.
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