Where can I buy Men's Bell Bottoms?
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Where can I buy men's bell bottoms? I am not interested in boot cut or flared jeans. Hopefully the source will be new so that I can buy from them from now on.

I am currently wearing the extreme flared jeans that H&M sold for women. They have since discontinued them and my current pairs are getting threadbare.

I am not above wearing women's bells, but they have to be more on the plain side (no glitter and no surplus grommets).

Please don't say ebay. I know it is tempting, but don't do it.
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Check large Army/Navy surplus stores. Until a few years ago, bell-bottoms were still standard issue for Navy.
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It's too bad you don't live in Cincinnati, Oh. There's a store there called Trivets which smelled like cat piss and had some of the weirdest shit on the top floor, but the basement was tables and tables of all original 70's bell bottoms.

Hmmm, maybe I should make a trip home soon.
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