Is there a good free calendar app that works on WinXP?
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I'd like a good calendar app that does things like color-code events, remind me of dates (when I log on or start up, even if the calendar isn't running), and come with stuff like major holidays pre-coded. That's why I'm not happy with the WOrks Calendar.

Oh, and I'd like it to be free, and Windows XP comaptible. I've done the searching, and am so far empty-handed. Do you folks use anything you'd recommend?
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I don't know what functionality it offers, but have you looked into the Palm Desktop software ostensibly for Palm Pilots? Its calendar may offer some or all of the functionality you're looking for, and it's a free download.
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I know you're thinking of a separate application, but I've actually found the Yahoo calendar to be incredibly useful. Besides being accessible everywhere, it has very flexible methods for creating repeating events, includes holidays, can track contact birthdays and anniversaries, and can issue e-mail reminders of upcoming events at specified intervals. It can sorta "overlay" on another user's calendar so their events show through. Events can be all private or can be publicly viewable. It offers daily, weekly, monthly or yearly views. It can even sync with Outlook, PocketPC or Palm devices.
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Response by poster: Thanks, both of you. The Yahoo calendar is indeed an interesting idea, more palatable because I already have an ID and am on DSL.

So, will Palm software work on my desktop? I am stupid, about some things. :)
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Response by poster: lots of things, really. :)
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I've been using DeskCal. It's not particularly interactive, but it also uses no system resources.

Rainlendar may be more to your liking, if frequent interaction is required.
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The palm software is free and will work in xp whether you have a palm or not. And it doesn't nag you to get a Palm.
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I adore Calendarscope, but its not free. You can try it for free for 30 days, though.
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