Single-Cup Coffee Wars!!
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Which machine do jacked-up on caffeine MeFites prefer, Tassimo or Keurig?

I'm trying to decide which single-cup coffee machine to get for my home office. I've been to the singlecupserving website, and I've seen some older posts on here - but now that the issue has had some time to 'percolate', I'd like to know - which one do MeFite's prefer?
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One strong vote here for the Keurig. We have one at the office, and it's great...the Tassimo I got for home, on the other hand, takes forever / is noisy / is complicated / is a pain in the butt.
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Pods are evil. They are expenisve, your choice of beans is limited, and they yield a lot of excess waste.

If you drink a cup of coffee every day, you will save money over a year or two if you buy a low end superautomatic espresso machine. Your coffee will taste better, and you can use any kind of bean you can fit into the bin.

Pods are the SUVs of the coffee world.
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Two options, neither of which is a machine, but you'll need access to hot water (hot cup of coffee temperature):

1. Get a French press. Easy to use, really amazingly good coffee. It makes about 3 cups typically.

2. A system kind of like this where you pour the hot water over the grounds in a filter, and the coffee comes out into your chosen drinking vessel. They show it with a mug, but a thermos would be better. Should be able to find something similar at your local Starbucks or other coffeehouse. This is what we use where I work to brew small batches of coffee for tastings.

The advantage to both of these is that you can use whatever beans you want, just make sure they are ground/you grind them appropriately for whatever machine you choose.

The disadvantage is that they're more labor intensive.
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I second the french press suggestion. A press is easy to master, simple to clean, and makes great coffee. Keep in mind that you'll need a kettle to heat the water and preferably a thermos to transfer the coffee to once it's done brewing in the press.

I'll also second the POD hate. PODS are for people who don't really like coffee... sort of like how movie soundtracks are for people who don't really like music.
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The Aerobie Aero Press is the only thing I will use now for my coffee. I honestly cannot emphasise enough how good a cup of coffee this thing makes.
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Ugh, such pretension.

To answer the question you asked, my company has both of these machines, and I prefer the Keurig. It's fast, alot of flavors, the coffee is fine, and I agree with picopebbles that the Tassimo is noisy and slow. Our Keurig machine is very reliable as well, and hasn't yet needed maintenance.

And for what it's worth, I like Dunkin Donuts coffee and hate Starbucks. That may help gauge my lowbrow coffee opinion.
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Before I was converted to the Aerobie, I used a SwissGold One Cup Filter, which also makes an excellent brew.
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essexjan--i have heard nothing but praise about the aero press and am seriously considering buying one. how easy is it to operate and clean? how often do you clean it? (i'm lazy)
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I vote for the Keurig. The clean-up is easier, because you have a solid cup-thing to throw out, rather than a soggy pod.
You can get a kind where you just refill the water reservoir; no waterline hook-up necessary.

It's true that single-serve coffee generates more waste, but in a work environment, sometimes a french press is not a viable solution. A regular coffee-maker usually results in lots of wasted coffee from pots being made and only partially consumed, and has more clean-up issues.

I also think there's a decent variety of roasts available - my favorites are the Green Mountain Dark Magic and French Roast. You can choose your strength by choosing how much water runs through the K-cup; if you like strong, Sbux-style coffee, choose the smallest cup and use an "Extra Bold" roast.
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i have heard nothing but praise about the aero press and am seriously considering buying one. how easy is it to operate and clean? how often do you clean it? (i'm lazy)

All it takes is a quick rinse, and I give it a wash once a week. The paper filter is reuseable. Once you've brewed your coffee, put the Aerobie on something to catch any drips (I use the lid from a coffee can). When it's cooled down, unscrew the bottom and you're left with the paper filter which peels off and goes into the bottom bit, then take the Aerobie to the bin and push out the little hockey-puck of coffee grounds.

One filter usually lasts me about a week, sometimes I go through two a week if I'm really hammering the caffeine.

In the UK we all have electric kettles, so heating the water isn't an issue. As an aside I would heartily recommend an electric kettle as an essential bit of kit for the home.
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Second the Aeropress - great coffee, very quick, insanely easy clean-up. BTW, have you gone to There is a metric crapload of info in the forum there.
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You also might consider getting the highest-quality instant coffee you can find, and a water heating system. They will be cheaper than the pods and they will satisfy those who could tolerate the K-cups if they didn't produce very weak coffee. With instant you can at least adjust the bitterness and intensity to taste. If your office is full of snobs, though, you'll have to truck in the 'bux, or equivalent.
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French Press 4 Life.
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Aeropress 4eva---- we used to have a French Press, but the Aeropress made such superior coffee.

And, if you can, always buy beans and grind them just before using.

And, I second that the single-cup pods are the SUVs of coffeemaking.
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