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I'm trying to work my way through the activation process for my new RoadRunner service. The flash wizard that analyzes my computer tells me that I have only 127 MB of RAM, 1 short of the necessary 128 to continue setup. My computer disagrees with the wizard. Is it even possible that this is the case? If so, how do I get back my essential 1 MB?
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A lot of times the setup utility is just a helper to configure settings on your normal software for you, and sometimes includes a process using that software (or their own customized versions of it) that uses a special proxy or server to "register" your MAC/computer initially. I've had luck calling the customer service line and asking them to tell me the settings, and I'd bet they'd walk you through the process if you're not familiar with the concepts.

That said, if your computer is not terribly ancient, $50 in RAM would buy you a ton of performance at the same time.
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You don't need it, and it will screw things up.

(Unless they require PPPoE, which is getting more and more unlikely.)

Just make sure your Network connection is set to Automatic/Automatic DNS (this is the default); plug in the cable, reboot, and fire up IE.

Long enough to download FireFox and Thunderbird.
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It's possible, though not likely, that your computer has 128 mb of RAM, 1 mb of which is dedicated video RAM, and so therefore Windows thinks it's got 127, while the BIOS thinks it has 128. Not likely, though.

Oh, yeah, and don't use the installer.
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baylink writes "(Unless they require PPPoE, which is getting more and more unlikely.)"

And if they do require PPoE, there's a much better freeware replacement. Google for it.
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Response by poster: Finished. The advice from several not to use their installer was dead on. Everything's functioning perfectly without it and I haven't been forced away from Mozilla. Now, for the linux side...

But that'll be a question for later. Thanks!
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On a side not, that missing 1mb of ram is probably due to your computer having onboard "shared" graphics, which uses part of your main memory for graphics storage.

Bar that, ignore the installer and just do as recommended above!
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