Oy Vey! Not an IE problem again!
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My dad's Internet Explorer has gone crazy! Fortunately, Mozilla runs fine....

After a power outage, my father's 'puter started acting 'a little funny' so he said. Upon further inspection he discovered he could no longer get online using IE. Everytime he tried to connect it would show him some "working offline" screen and then try to connect to the broadband and failing with error. Eventually it does connect, but it keeps going offline when switching pages.

Interestingly, the Mozilla browser works without any problems but when switching to the IE tabs add-on, it has the same result as regular IE.

What should I tell him to do?
He thinks I am an expert because I am a MeFite.
Lets prove him right!

Thanks in advance.
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if you are on XP, you can try the network diagnostics, which you can get from this KB article

if it isnt XP, can you share what OS, and what the error message is?
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Response by poster: Using XP.

Error message when restarting shows something about 'disk consistency' and FAT32...
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Best answer: Sounds like a proxy issue. Goto Tools->Options->Connections.

If you're not on dial-up, make sure that the Never dial a connection radio button is selected. Then click on the LAN settings and verify that the information in that dialog matches that of your ISP (very rare that they'll make you setup a proxy, but check your documentation first).

If it still does not work, try un-checking all the checkboxes in the LAN settings dialog and check the "Automatically detect settings". I've rarely seen that actually help, but it's worth trying if nothing else works.

Hope that helps.
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Response by poster: purephase-
thanks... not sure which aspect of your advise did the trick but everything is working now.

muchas gracias
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You might want to mark purephase's as a 'best answer' for future searchers.
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Response by poster: :)
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