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iTrip for iPod Nano: Just received shiney new iTrip FM transmitter for iPod Nano - But it doesn't work at all! Any clues or suggestions?

have tried doing a soft reset of the nano (as per the Griffin) Tech Help but no change.

The red light is on but don't know if this is good or whether it needs to charge first.

Have tried various frequencies (88.0, 106.4 etc) but no good.

Based in UK, running Windows.
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Have you tried Griffin's Station Finder? I can't guarantee that it works for all areas in the UK (i don't know where you are specifically) but you can give it a try.
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The itrip is tough at first because you truly need a blank station. You can sometimes experience interference during your commutes or stopped under a red light. But the Station Finder really made it a pleasurable experience, not perfect as there is a loss of quality, but a decent solution.
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also, don't forget that you need to turn up the volume on the ipod itself.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the quick responses - have downloaded this and it has put the station files onto iTunes and now onto the nano but when I play 88.0 at a decent volume on the nano it still does not appear to work.

Any other thoughts?
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(Probably stupid ques, but) you do have the manual, right? Next, I'd contact the retailer (note that the legality of using such devices in the UK is still up in the air). In a pinch, you might have to email or phone Griffin Tech Support (note hours).
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Response by poster: Thanks Rob - I didn't have the manual as this is the Itrip for Nano which only comes with a quick start guide. What I am not sure about now is whether they have automated all these steps re tuning or whether I still need to sort them out.

The quick start guide for the iTrip nano appears to suggest it has auto volume setting and tuning via the single click option from the side button.

I have dropped tech support a note so will look to see what they advise.

Thanks for your response.
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Steve, another thought is to email the UK resident who posted in this Apple discussion thread. Seems like he uses a nano iTrip himself; click on his username to find his email address.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks for looking this up Rob - Can I check, does the link you posted work for you as it comes up with "The specified topic [0] was not found" message for me?
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Yeah, the link works for me. Go to and in the search box, enter the following "nano fm switch europe" (without the quote marks). The thread should be the first one in the resulting list.
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