Need to sell my art, what software do I use?
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What best open source software can I used to sell 10,000 paintings?

First of the year I came up with the idea to sell 10,000 paintings to raise money for my school. I haven't found software yet that I feel good with.

* First started with pre-populated Pixel page similar to milliondollarhomepage. I liked how I could put all 10,000 images on one page. This was a pain in the but to manage and had lots of complaints about how small the images were and how it was imagery overload.

* Moved to Gallery with paypal plugin. Could not get it setup right and I didn't like the feel of it. When the image is sold I need to make it go away. It seemed more for selling photos then a painting.

* Then I tried OSCommerece, Zen Cart and Cube Cart. All have had their problems. Slow responds, Displaying 300 images on one page...etc

* So with my HTML / CSS knowledge I built the site by hand. I like it but it is a pain in the butt to administer.

What else should I tried? Is their something specific that i can use that's made for selling paintings? Something that will read a directory and generate thumbnails, something that you can modify theme to your liking, something that will work with paypal. Will remove item once sold. ...etc

Much help appreciated. Thanks.
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The Sheep Market. 10,000 drawings sold on one page.
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