Isolating drums in a flash file
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Is there a way for me to grab the drum sounds out of this?
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You'll find a lot of useful utilities mentioned here.
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try this:
or this:

I'm not sure how functional the demos are, but what you are looking for is a "Flash decompiler" - try google.
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Very interesting animation, by the way - what is it for/from? Why is it on
I forgot to make those URLs links - here you go - one and two

Here's what someone says about the second one:

I recently bought and used DeFlash on my company's old (Flash 4) demo files. They no longer had acces to the original audio files, so I had to extract them from the old SWF's. This worked perfectly for me. All I had to do was rename the audio files and import them into the new Flash MX project.
I have been further experimenting with DeFlash a bit to see what it's limitations are. I have grabbed a few SWFs from some fairly prominent and professional sites, to see if items are extractable from ther SWFs. On these, sometimes I had a few application crashes (which is probably a good thing).
Overall I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is in a situation like I had. It is very helpful for a few different uses. And well worth the affordable price.

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