accomodation for the venice fil mfestival.
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following up on this great thread about venice; i'd like to attend this year's film festival, and wondered if anyone - especially a foreigner - had attended this festival and has any specific tips about affordable accommodation, and any other tips you may have.
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I haven't been to the Film Festival, but you can find more camp grounds than I thought possible on Punto Sabbioni. Some/most campgrounds have cabins if you don't want to rough it too much. It is a short ferry ride across to Venice and some of the other islands, I don't seem to remember it being very expensive. From the ferry, you get dropped off just a short walk from Piazza San Marco.

I'm very jealous. Take your camera and go for a wander away from the touristy areas. Its beautiful at this time of year, and the sunsets, when I was there at least, were magnificent.
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When I lived there, I saw many of the films at Campo San Polo (in Venice proper, at the Frari church), which is where they screen the films for the locals. They set up a big open-air arena in the campo, and I feel like the tickets are cheaper (maybe free???). But it's generally worthwhile to get in line an hour or so before the movie starts if you want a seat.

It doesn't have the glamour of the theaters on the Lido, but it's certainly a fun way to see some of the films.
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I've not been there during the festival, but I've been a few times before (My body is British, my head is European, my soul is Venetian). I can recommend Al Piave.

It's family run, fairly central for the tourist areas, and reasonably priced. Better yet, last time i was there (3 years ago) I asked if what the price was during Carnivale, and they had a flat rate for the high season - no festival hikes - so I'm guessing they'll do the same.

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