What are some good tips on how to stay focused on your work and not get distracted by the internet?
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Aside from putting every site I tend to spend too much time on (including this one, shortly) into my hosts file pointing to, what are some other good tips on how to stay focused on your work and not get distracted?
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I, too, find that my work often distracts from my enjoyment of Metafilter.

Seriously, though, I bought myself a stop watch with a countdown timer. I set it for one hour, after which I get a ten minute break. I find that if I break up the day into manageable chunks like that, it makes it easier to concentrate. It's much easier to resist the temptation to browse when I know exactly how long I need to work until my break, as opposed to confronting the otherwise interminable workday.
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If you work at home, it's pretty important to make a work space, which is for work only. If you get in the habbit of mixing your work space with your play space, you're sunk.
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Keep a *good* to-do list. And keep it updated.
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Do you have to be online to do your work? If not, unplug your ethernet cord, switch off your wireless. The initial thought of having to go through the step of plugging back in/switching it on reminds me I'm supposed to be working, and helps keep me on track.
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Thinking hard about the consequences of NOT working usually does it for me...
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I leave my browser off. Also, I schedule my screw off breaks, not so much by time as by task (e.g., finish this page, or this section of the write-up), and *then* I get to turn the browser back on (though it's hard to get it back off then).
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What if your work involves having a browser open at all times? It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to focus all of attention on work unless there's a deadline in the next few hours.
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the hosts file trick is pretty ironclad...why is this not working for you? If you need to tighten it up, "lock" the hosts file with a shareware like FileVault. If you use a truly random password, and keep it on a piece of paper at another location, you should be able to get through the day without hitting these sites.

I sympathize, it's a real problem that's not talked about enough, IMO.
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I'd love to have a hack that would let me disable particular applications for a set period, say 45 minutes, and could only be disabled with a reboot.

My "self control" module is also broken.
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Response by poster: stupidsexy: It's not all that bad. But sometimes I do find myself randomly googling around searching for something new.

Oh well, back to work. I think monju's tip is the most helpful so far.
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