Stop the chafing!
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What are your solutions for everyday chafing around the thighs?

My boyfriend recently moved to Miami, where he wears a suit every day for work, and for the first time has developed major chafing problems around the thighs. He wears cotton boxers, and uses baby powder, but still the chafing continues. Do you have any tips for every day to prevent chafing?

I read this post,, but it seems to apply more to long distance running.
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basically get anti-diaper rash cream which contains zinc oxide which inhibits sweating
covered in this thread recently
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Stay hydrated.
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This one is mostly populated by women, but I suspect the products work equally well for men. For the record, I highly recommend the Monistat Soothing Care "powder gel" product.
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how does staying hydrated help?
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Boxers tend to make me chafe as well. I think it has to do with thickness of thighs. At one point in my life, I was a cross-country cyclist, so I tend to require things like "relaxed fit" jeans.

My solution was to go with boxer-briefs. They cover the chafing area, and aren't lose enough to contribute to the chafing. I had exactly the same problem during the summer in Manhattan (suit + heat).
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Body Glide. It's made for stuff like this.
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I almost didn't read the thread you referenced in your question and would have just about repeated what was said there. You're right about the thread applying to long distance running, but the products mentioned in that thread really do work.

My favourite is Bodyglide, it will last all day and won't show through clothes like a zinc oxide cream might.

Beyond that, has your boyfriend tried a boxer with a longer, non-elastic (but still tightly fitted) leg. Fruit of the loom makes some that seem to keep from riding up. My legs are a little too big around for their "factory diameter" and the boxers don't like to stretch at all, which cut off my circulation. I think the inelasticity of the bottom cuff is the point, so that it falls back down the leg should it pull up while seated. I just pulled out a couple threads at the bottom and opened up a little upside-down 'V' at the bottom. To be honest, that was the second pair. The first pair was cut with a pair of scissors at work.
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I had this same problem for ages and then I switched to boxerbriefs. Much, much less chafing. This may sound a little ridiculous, but they really changed my life (in the summer months.)
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What kind of powder is he using? Cornstarch or talcum? If he's using talc he should stop immediately, as talc has been linked with both lung and ovarian cancer. I recommend Burt's Bee's Baby Bee Dusting Powder. It works really well and smells lovely. On sticky days I rub a little between my hands "The big powder puff just makes a mess) and am careful to cover just about every spot that underwear elastic will be touching.
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Thanks for all the great answers so far. It would be fantastic to solve this problem!
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I use Lush's Silky Underwear for chafing. Kind of like talc but much better.
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I live in a very humid place, and had the same problem despite trying various powders. Now I have a simple pump-top baby oil bottle on the bathroom shelf. After showering, I dry off and quickly rub a little baby oil (one or two pumps) into the areas of interest. Easy, trivial cost, good for the whole day, and it doesn't stain through clothes. I imagine the glide stuff is a similar effect, but probably much more expensive.
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Try this thread for ideas.
My husband swears by Gold Bond Medicated Powder.
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Good hydration is important since that keeps the salt concentration of your sweat down. If you start getting crystals of salt rubbed into any minor rashes that you have they are going to get a lot worse. This is primarily an issue for runners - but it is also true for anybody who is going to have to move about in hot weather and sweat at the same time.
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I just tried the Monistat product and like it very much. It goes on more easily and is easier to find than Bodyglide.
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I like gold bond powder. in the yellow bottle
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Cotton is a no-no vis-a-vis chafing.
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You should stop the chaffing before it starts. I myself used to go indian, but compression shorts (the bike shorts) work fairly well. They come in lycra spandex. Under armor makes some good ones. Zyflex is good too. If he’s an athletic large thighed guy those work pretty well. (Or tell him to lay off the squats).
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I forgot to mention that the baby oil is also what I use for shaving my face in summer, and he may find that less irritating if the sweat with freshly micro-nicked face gives him red bumps like it does me. I just wet my face, pat dry and rub in some oil, rub good and wait about 30 seconds for softening effect, shave with my favorite razor. It's faster than soap for me. Then use face scrub and moisturizer.
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