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How to split a flash movie (.FLV) file?

I just spent a day yesterday ripping and encoding an hour's worth of video to .flv for a client. The video itself is actually about six ten-minute segments put together. Instead of having to split the original video and re-encode everything all over again, is there any way I can split the .flv files on a mac?

I've searched everywhere and my google-fu is failing me. I have FCP 5, Quicktime Pro, and Flash 8 if that helps. Help me, AskMe!
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This is not technically possible. FLV is a compressed file format (think JPG) and as such when you edit it, it must be recompressed. So you have 2 options. Break up the original video and re-encode OR use a FLV encoding program such as that will re-encode part of the original FLV (but it will have less quality than starting from scratch). Unfortunately, your best option is to start from scratch. Sorry.
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The FLV Parser should help (source code included)

Here's the description:

Its intended use is to convert a large FLV into a series of shorter FLVs based on a series of millisecond-based timecodes. Using the -s switch will split the audio and video of the outputted files; the audio track will be extracted as a series of MP3 files, and the short FLVs produced will have no audio track at all.
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The quality will be even worse.

FLV, like MPEG is a lossy codec both spatially (think jpeg) and temporaly. You'll end up trying to make a "cut" on a frame that doesn't have all the data.

Best to reencode.
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