What's the most offensive racist joke you've heard?
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What's the most offensive racist joke you've heard?

I love and cherish extremely offensive rascist jokes, and they are a crucial part of my work. Having a collection of the best is mission critical for my furture success in life.

There are a lot of sub-par level, not so funny, plain and ugly rascist jokes around, I don't want those.

I need the ones that are so impossibly terribly bad and cruel and horrible that they spin my chakra wheel just so.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: this is not what askme is for. see metatalk thread for more.

Me: How does every rascist joke begin?

Her: With you?

Well, it offended me anyway.
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Try asking your question here. You'll get better responses.
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Response by poster: Tacos: I think you have me mistaken for a racist? They can't tell the difference between "plain and ugly" and "impossibly terribly bad and cruel and horrible", which is why I ask here, among my peers.
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Best answer: Here's one that I think goes so far its actually anti-racist:
So this black fellow gets arrested for speeding down south, he can't pay the fine, so he's locked up in jail 'til he can pay up. He can't raise the money, so at the end of the week, the old redneck sheriff says "I guess you'll have to face the lions". He doesn't know what this means, but the next morning, him and some other unfortunates are buried up to their necks in sand inside of a fenced in area. The sheriff raises a gate and in runs a lion. The lion bites off the head of the nearest person and then heads straight for the black fellow. He thinks quick and flings his head to the side so that the lion passes over him. Seeing his chance, he uses his teeth to grab the lion's balls. The lion is frozen and wimpering and the black guy is holding on for dear life. Well, the sheriff hops over the fence and then kicks the black guy in the head till he lets go, saying "God dammit, fight fair nigger".
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I'm hoping this thread makes the best of the blogs articles in newspapers, Gothamist etc.
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I'm somewhat comforted by the fact that no one has answered the actual question yet.
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Ugh - should have previewed.
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Best answer: Why did the racist cross the street?




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I, too, admit a fondness for horrible racial jokes. There's something wonderfully funny about breaking taboos, and one of the biggest taboos around these days concerns the expression of racism. I don't think enjoying racist jokes because they are just so shocking and outrageous makes one a racist.

That being said...

Q: how long does it take a black woman to take a shit?

A: 9 months.
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You mean jokes about racists, right?
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black peopel talk like this
white people talk like this.
ive never met orientals or jews so i dont know what they talk like
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Are you trying to impress a potential new wife?
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