Can one still buy Minute Maid Fruit Juicees in the Tetra Paks?
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Can one still buy Minute Maid Fruit Juicees? They are listed in this recent school lunch menu, but I haven't seen one in years. Or is there another similar frozen fruit treat available that comes in tetrahedron shape packaging (Tetra Paks)?
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Minute maid is in a lot of drinks machines around here (the netherlands). I've never seen it packaged in anything but cans though.
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Response by poster: Fruit Juicees were not a drink, but more along the lines of a popsicle. I miss them.
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Minute Maid's site still lists them. I'm fairly sure I've seen them at either Sam's club/Costco/BJ's in the recent past. Try checking your local freezer section. ;)

Damn, I used to love those things when I was a kid. Their new frozen lemonade tubes aren't nearly as cool as the tetrahedron shaped ones, but they're kinda tasty.
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I went for about 10 years being completely unable to locate these, silently cursing the vagaries of distribution. About three weeks ago, I was finally able to purchase a box at -- if I'm remembering correctly -- Piedmont Grocery. They were consumed within a week, although the orange was a lot more disgusting than I remember it, and I generally like orange flavors!

So, in answer to your question, yes, they are still available. But not widely.
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