Non-iPod mp3 player for the Mac?
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I currently have a 3g iPod and a g4 PowerBook (1ghz TiBook) running OSX 10.4.[latest]. I'm looking to get a new, smaller mp3 player but I want neither a shuffle nor a nano (unless they're the only choices). What non-apple MP3 players work with a Mac, if any?

I know, the mere concept of this question is probably causing heads to explode, but I'm just not super excited about the nano nor the shuffle.

To me, the shuffle is shitastic. I have a huge library and my memory isn't that great, so I sometimes want to look at the name of what I'm listening to.

The nano is a beautiful design, but, feature limited. I'd like a radio too, without the bulk of an add-on.

Finally, this is just a question that's been bugging me for awhile now and I thought it was about time I asked it (because I haven't seen anyone else crazy/stupid enough to ask it) !
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If you're looking for smaller form factor, have you seen the 5th generation 30 gig iPods? They're quite thin.
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What about offerings from iRiver or the Creative line (i.e. the Zen)? Both of these companies offer alternatives...

And if you REALLY want small, check out mobiblue...
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I have a 30gb Creative Zen Nomad Xtra that I use with OSX thanks to XNJB. It's a free app, a little on the crashy side but gets the job done and talks to iTunes.

I think the newer Nomads might have radio.
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I have a 1GB Creative Zen Nano Plus and I LOVE it. My computer just treats in like a USB thumb drive, so It should work with a Mac. And it has a pretty decent FM radio, too.

They come in different colors, too. Mine's blue. And an arm strap for running with. The earbuds are pretty lame, but I have my own headphones. Agh, I love this player.
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Creative just released the Zen-V, a small player that is able to record from line-in, has OLED, radio playback, one-touch voice recording, and a bunch of other features.

Now, Creative products do NOT traditionally play well with Apple/iTunes stuff, but if mullingitover's done it, then I'm sure there are ways.
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any "windows" mp3 player that supports USB mass storage will work with mac (just shows up/mounts as a removable disk)
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You should distinguish if you mean "work with a Mac" or "work with iTunes and the music I've purchased from there." If you want simply to work with a Mac, most mp3 players show up as USB storage. If you've purchased music through iTunes, you must use an iPod, unless you want to invest a lot of work stripping away the DRM layer.
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zen micro's really tiny, about the size of an older ipod mini, and it has a radio. (fm only)
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i use a 60GB ipod, 5G. I didn't think I'd have any need for the photos or video stuff, but now that I have it I use the crap out of it. and it doesn't require a crashy one-developer app to sync with itunes either...

so my recommendation would be...don't get a nano or shuffle, but get the full ipod.
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Here's a vote against Creative + Mac: I had a 30 GB Zen Xtra, and it HATED my Mac, even with the assistance of XNJB. I could transfer songs/files on and off of the player, but I was never able to actually get the songs to play. Your mileage may vary, of course.
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Are your files MP3, or AAC, or a mix?
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Response by poster: Sorry. Didn't have time last night answer some of the followon questions that my question raised.

That being said... I don't care about iTunes and crappy DRM'd music. As a rule, I don't buy crippleware. I do buy CDs (lots of them) and then rip them to >=192kbps MP3s.

Thanks muddgirl for that particular suggestion. That's essentially what I'm looking for, a DAP that mounts as a removable drive or one that has software (or has alternatives available) that works on OSX.

Thanks for the suggestions so far.
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