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Scriptable multiline voice menu system for a one-day event. Does anyone offer this service?

I'm looking for a way to set up a phone number that people can call in, type in a PIN, and then press various touch tone buttons to do various things through a set of scripts. There will be no live operators.

I am a competent programmer, and would want to provide all my own audio for the phone messages.

Important requirements:

Multiple lines (there will be 30 people calling this system (not at all once necessarily), and I don't want any of them to get a busy signal.

The scripts need to be able to log stuff or write to a DB or something, something which I have instant access to.

I only want to do this for one day, and of course I would like this to be as economical as possible, so installing my own hardware and a lot of phone lines is probably not going to cut it.

Does anyone know of any businesses that provide hosting for this kind of thing?
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Best answer: Asterisk is an open-source PBX that runs on Linux. A vendor like Junction Networks will set up phone numbers for you and gateway the calls back to your Asterisk server over VOIP. Asterisk dialplans can handle the scripts, or a minimal dialplan can hand off to a Perl program. For this solution you'd need hardware, but only a cable-modem or DSL speed Internet connection, not a bunch of phone lines.
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Ah, and as for your actual question: you could host this application on any Linux box at any hosting vendor.
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Response by poster: Oh I already have a linux server with plenty of bandwidth. so this seems like a pretty good answer! Thanks!
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Feel free to ask me questions via the e-mail in my profile, I've built a pretty complex IVR application in an Asterisk dialplan and know some of the ins and outs. Also, the O'Reilly Asterisk book is available free on-line as a PDF.
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