Meth Mouth? malware?
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Has anyone heard of a computer virus/worm/trojan that causes a photo of someone's rotten teeth (meth mouth) to pop up at startup and occasionally?

This is on a computer at my Dad's business, used primarily by an employee. I haven't seen it, he just emailed me about it yesterday. Apparently the photo takes up the whole screen, and there is no window or border (it's not visibly in a browser window). He mentioned "It is supposedly called “meth mouth” and it was passed around on the internet" but I'm not sure how he knew that.
Google and searches turned up nothing.
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Your dad might be a victim of a byteverify exploit, which can be modified to alter the Windows splash screen. A similar incident occurred in April, but with an ersatz BSOD screen in place of the image you described.
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Response by poster: Thanks, it looks like Ad-Aware might be the answer, if that is the problem. It seemed a little more malicious than most malware so I thought I would ask here first.
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Try Spybot, as well, but note that if such a program changed the splash image, simply removing the program may well not set the image back to default -- I wouldn't expect it would, in fact.
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