Scam or great deal?
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Is this a legit hotel booking site? Does anyone have any experience with, good or bad? I found a too good to be true rate for a hotel in Ireland (Trim Castle Hotel) that's about half the normal rate, but want to know I'm not going to be scammed when I give them money. Googling around isn't yielding anything in the way of reviews for this site. Thanks!
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I don't know them, but in the past when I've had doubts along those lines I've called the hotel's reservations dept or even front desk and asked do they deal with
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Response by poster: That's a great idea, thanks!
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I checked out the phonebook here for the company name and they are listed so I'd say it's probably all above board.
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And their affiliations all seem to be legit (at least the ITOA one anyway)
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Response by poster: Thanks, TwoWordReview, that's a huge help!
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