Apache/Linux permissions issue
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How do I set permissions on a Fedora Core 5 system so that two different users can create, edit, and delete files in the web root (/var/www/html), yet all files retain the ownership of apache:apache?

I would settle for just username:apache, as long as the users can still edit each other's files.

I have already added the users to the apache group in /etc/group

They can currently edit any files owned by apache:apache, and can create new files, but the new files are assigned an ownership of username:username by default. This means they have to manually chown their files if they want the other person to be able to edit them.

I hope I am explaining this well enough...
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change all the dirs to be g+sxw, and group ownership will be maintained. User edited files should end up user:apache.
posted by alikins at 8:36 PM on July 24, 2006

Thanks...you are a hero. That seems to have done the trick.
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