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I cant program my universal remote

I have this Motorola DCT2500 cable box through adelphia but i no longer have the remote control. I have this Panasonic remote control, model #EUR7603Z10. My problem is i cant find a remote code to program the box into my panasonic remote. please can anyone bring me out of the dark ages?
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If your cable box was produced after the remote, then there's a good chance the remote won't work with your cable box. If the remote was a learning remote, you could teach it using the cable box's remote, but it sounds like that particular one can't learn new codes.

So I think you're out of luck. I've ran into this problem a few times and solved it by getting a learning remote control.
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You might find your remote codes here
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Response by poster: I didnt think about the fact that the remote is older then the box. i tried the code search function to no avail. Thanks for your help.
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Or buy a replacement for $25 here
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Learning remotes are fantastic, though. I picked one up at Kmart for less than $20 a while ago, and it has been the best thing I've done for my TV since getting a DVR.
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Yes, but if he doesn't have the original, it can't learn? Though presumably a universal remote would have pre-sets for a mass market item like the Motorola anyway?
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The best universal remote I have is made by Logitech. Harmony series remotes have a web site which maintains codes for several devices. As long as you have a PC or MAC with a USB connection everything works as advertised. I now push one button to watch TV which turns on TV, digital cable box, and DVD/VCR (as well as one off button to turn everything off). All the buttons on your three remotes are programmed into this universal remote! I've added my home stereo in a box AV system as well as an extra DVD player. So this single universal remote now replaces five remotes! It has a learning function for devices not featured on the website. It is practically idiot proof since it has a help button to troubleshoot anything that may have gone wrong. I got mine for $39.99 plus shipping on a promotional deal that has since expired.
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haha, that just cracked me up plokent. i have a harmony and most of the time i want to throw it at things. that could be because i'm not using it properly or haven't set it up right, but often i find its activities/macros end up taking more time to complete than simply finding the old remote and pressing a button. plus the contacts on the charger are flimsy and it beeps (indicating disconnection) whenever anyone walks by it.
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Good point A189Nut. Perhaps you have a friend/neighbor whose remote you can borrow? That reminds me, I always seem to accumulate cable company remotes as I upgrade/change service (I've got no less than 3 Comcast remotes, I think). Maybe ask around your social network to see if someone has a spare. Alternatively, try calling Adelphia and tell them your remote is broken. I bet they'll just mail you a new one without needing to recapture the "busted" one.
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Señor Pantalones, my Logitech Harmony 628 doesn't require a charger, it only uses 4 AAA batteries. It seems that Amazon has them for sale at $44.88 shipped (cheaper than the Tiger Direct promotion offer). I'm buying another one to control the TV, digital cable box, DVD/VCR, DVD, and LD in my bedroom.
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