Help me find the sandals worn in The Big Lebowski
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Where can i find the Jelly sandals that the Dude wore in The Big Lebowski?
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These seem hard to find. One guy had the same question here, and someone claimed to have found them online (and of course, a broken link). I combed ebay, and it didn't turn up much. Mostly women's stuff.

One guy claims to have found them at a local pharmacy, here.

Wish I could be of more help. Good luck on your search.
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If you find them in the US, they are going to be women's shoes, but bigger than most women wear. If you find them abroad, they may in fact be men's shoes.

This place may help, but will likely creep you out in the process. Here's their big list of jelly sites.
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Officially creeped out. Nice find though.

This place may help, but will likely creep you out in the process.
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I've seen them at dollar stores.
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So I started out confused as to how you could be creeped out by that site.

Then it kept going.

And Going.

And Going.

And I started to wonder what the hell kinda site that actually was...

good find though. now I want a pair of Jelly sandals.

And I want to take pictures of them and put them on the internet.
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Wow. Creepy jellies for miles. That page ought to be an FPP.

Back to the question: There is an interview with the costumer designer of BL in this book, and I remember, from flipping through it at the bookstore, that she had a difficult time finding those jellies. She did tell where she located them, but, unfortunately, I can't remember where. If you get really desperate, you can buy the book.
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"Click to see Uta and Hauke wearing jelly t-bars." Shudder.
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Found a Swiss site where they seem to be called "Plastik-Sandalen". They come in black, blue and red for around $9...
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This place sells jelly shoes in the US. See their website, too.
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I had a pair very similar to them, but not exact, and not cheap. They were Cole Haan sandals, and i found them at a bargain price of $75, so they will probably be even pricier for you. I hope this was helpful.
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