Seeking Chevy Suburban in Washington D.C.
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We're looking to rent/take on loan, a white or black Chevy Suburban in Washington D.C. for a specific date. How can we locate one?

Our creative group is planning a fashion photo shoot which will incorporate different elements of a typical Washington D.C. scene: International diplomats visiting various spots in the city.

One issue is we're looking for a stand-in white or black Chevy Suburban (or two) to use as on-location and transportation props, similar to "service" cars frequently seen in the city.

How can we rent or get one on loan for this task? Any Chevrolet marketing folks on here? All rental agencies seem to be "this class vehicle or similar"...
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call the actual car rental locations and ask whether they have a suburban or not. corporate won't tell you, but the guys who work the desk will know what they do and don't have. if the place you call doesn't have it, ask them if they know of any other locations that do.

i was just returning a rental car this morning, and someone else wanted a particular car that they didn't have at that location. the guy knew that so-and-so across town had one at their location though, so he called them up and they even drove the customer over to pick it up. in his words, people request a particular car all the time and since they want your money they try to accomodate you. so ask around!
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Go to a dealership and ask to test drive one, perhaps?
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sergeant sandwich's response is good. Another thing to try is to call local GM dealers and ask if they rent them; many car dealers do.
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Maybe a local dealer will let you use a demo car like the one you want in exchange for a credit somewhere in the photoshoot like the clothes designers get.
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