Why won't my machine post?
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I just put together a pc from new parts. It won't post-- fans turn on, but that's it. No video signal, no power light, no beeps, cd trays won't open. Power supply is 400w and tested in another machine. What should my next steps be?

Feel free to ask me anything that I should have already told you.
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Motherboard's toast.

Check to make sure you don't have any screw thingies in the wrong place on the backside, take the mobo back to the store, and get a new one.
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What the parts are?
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You could also have a borked CPU, and an ok motherboard. Among other things. Trial and error, swap known-good with questionables.
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cd trays won't open

This strikes me as odd...are you hitting a button on the CD drive itself? All the ones I've come across will open as long as they are getting power, regardless of what is happening on the data bus.

But if the fans are coming on, the drives should be getting power. Is the hard drive spinning up?
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unplug all the drives
remove the ram
re-seat the video card
remove all other expansion cards

Still having problems?
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Best answer: One more thing...I thought I remembered something like this happening to me, and it did. What fixed it was resetting the BIOS PRAM, or whatever they call it in PCs. It involved removing the clock battery, then holding down a nearby button on the motherboard. Check your mobo docs for details.
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oh, try another video card.
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Best answer: What trevyn is referring to is moving the CMOS jumper to the clear position for about 30 seconds, then moving it back, which does the same thing as removing the CMOS battery, without all the knuckle-scratching fun.
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If you've got a modern P4 motherboard, you may need aux power supplied via the ATX12V connector (scroll down), normally a 4, 6 or 8 pin 2 row Molex connector that usually plugs in near the processor socket to deliver additional current for CPU fan and mainboard power regulator circuits.
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Also, if you're using a 400w power supply with too many devices or too powerful of devices, it's not going to cut it, which is why you should list what components specifically are involved. That's just a guess on even the CD-ROM not opening despite being powered.
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Response by poster: That worked. I had low hopes, but it booted. A winner is me! Thanks so much!
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For archival purposes, Mr Mayor, what worked?

And we're happy for your win.
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When I had a similar issue, a Port 80h card worked wonders for me. They're reasonably cheap and certainly less expensive than just buying a new motherboard and hoping everything will work out.
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Response by poster: For archival purposes, Mr Mayor, what worked?

Moving the reset jumper for a minute and then trying again.
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